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This is a mini-pvm guide.

1. What to do with Insanity keys?
They open Insanity caskets which are most commonly acquired by either killing bosses or buying with 45 slayer points.

2. How do I get curses? Altar isn't doing anything.
Type ::Curses

To get off to an easy start, I recommend starting with slayer. You'll get tasks that send you to the beginner mobs, so grinding them first is a bit of a waste.

Save up to 150 points first and get. A pet box. Pets give Drop Rate (DR) as well as a damage bonus, increase grind speed and drop likelyhood.

Then save up to 1000 slayer points and buy a ring of devotion. This ring gives 12 DR.

At this point you can choose to either grind slayer for more pet boxes to get a better pet, or start grinding boss KC as Smettha mentions in their guide.

Boss Guide:
Bossing Guide

Bossing is the most important factor in successfully progressing in this game. Every boss has a killcount requirement of the boss before it with the exception of the first. While theoretically you could kill Abbadon five minutes after logging in, to have any effectiveness at all, you are going to have to farm some armor. This guide explains how to go from a lvl 3 noobie to farming RedRose for OP armor in no time.

It is Highly recommended for bossing to get 95 prayer and change to ::curses for soulsplit and turmoil.

LOOT EVERYTHING (except unique keys after you have about a million) since it all stacks//Use the tele tabs to slayer to and from "monsters" and "bosses"
This command sends your happy ass to Shrek once you log in to the first time. Run to the bank, north of home, and bank everything except your gear and weapon of choice. Withdraw a full inventory of mantas. Dont worry about potting now. Kill Shreks until you have at least 2 pieces of armor and a weapon. This shouldn't take long. Shreks also drop rings of wealth. These help with drop rate, which is stacked with other items to give great drop rates. Plenty of other items add "dr" and "ddr" but that's for another time.

Now you're decked out in your fly new green dragon armor and ready to smack around some extraterrestrial tail because you're a huge fan of Will Smith. It's mostly for that reason, but also for the Dark Invisus armor. This T3 armor will get you along nicely. The goal here is to replace the remaining Myscape armor with Dark Invisus and hopefully get a scythe as well.

You're feeling good about yourself now in more purple and green than the stankest dank. So good, in fact, that you're confident to go choppin on some shock rodents. There is a huge infestation in some random cave. The main goal here is the Pikachu minigun for some serious low tier dps. Any other additional gear acquired is bonus. This trains range since you have neglected it completely till now. It will level..... quickly. This is considered T7 armor.

Rick and Morty
What is an alternate dimension without these two dimension hopping nerds. They have gotten stuck without their teleports and they must be stopped... for some reason. This is the goal armor for beginning your bossing. By now, you should have some coin saved up so you can buy some pieces if you care to. Personally, I would farm the whole armor set from these bad boys because they have a slim chance to drop a donor scroll. #InstaStatus Anyways, This armor, "Adventure" as it is called rocks a solid gold look and a solid dps for your first boss as well (I know, I'm excited too). Adventure Armor and Sword is T8.
You better have 95 prayer by now, no excuses! Also, hopefully you have a pet at this point because they increase dps greatly and add more dr and drr to your arsenal. Booyah!
It is now time to boss.

The first boss drops Zeus armor and hammer, a T12 gear that is significantly better than adventure. Supposedly this guy is the devil himself but he drops like a rock so not sure. Kill 300+ of these guys. You will now start collecting bossing points. I advise saving these, but it is ultimately up to you whether you choose to or not.

Link ~ 100 Abbadon KC required
Link is chillin on some lava tiles with his clones just causin a ruckus. These guys are going crazy and all you're trying to do here is get to the third boss. These guys drop T13 melee armor. If you are rockin full adventure/zeus it's okay if you don't get a drop here, although the average drop rate suggests you should. It's not that serious, move on.

Baphomet ~ 100 Link KC required
100% Abbadon's brother but dude dove into a pool full of blue dye. This guy is so tall that he makes tall people not tall. If you have been ironmanning this whole shebang and want to continue to melee, you're going to want to grab a couple armor pieces here and even a sword if you weren't lucky enough to get a Sword from Link. Please note that gear drops are rarer from this boss than Link. This is very suitable gear for the next couple of tiers of bossing. Baphont gear is T14 gear.

Uchiha Madara ~ 500 Baphomet KC required
Madara drops his fan, a mage weapon and the first of the T15 gear. Madara's fan will have you spinning around like a ballerina throwing out soulsplit waves for great dps if your armor is dookie and you drug your way this far. So basically, kill these guys cross your fingers on the miracle that you can get the fan and the stone to upgrade it, and move on to the next boss.

Assassin's Creed ~ 150 Uchiha Madara KC required
Assassin's Creed. This assassin has some sick looking gear, called Assassin's, to better yourself. As with the rest of the gear on this list, Assassin's is T16.

Dead Bone Guardian~ 150 Assassin's KC required
Finally some range gear! That pikachu minigun was almost completely forgotten about. good times... It's solid, but by now you have figured out melee is king. T17

Blood Lord ~ 150 Dead Bone Guardian KC required
You get Blood Lord, which makes look cool as heck. I absolutely recommend using this sword for awhile by all means necessary. T18

Samurai~ 200 Blood Lord KC required
This Samurai sword, gear totin badass is begging to be looted! T19

Thanos ~ 350 Infinity KC required T20
Thanos has made his way to Myscape and is threatening to snap his fingers. Kill him to receive his gauntlet and the infinity stones. The gauntlet is better than Madara's fan but not better than the Sephiroth sword that you better be weilding right now. This changes if you are lucky enough to get all six infinity stone and upgrade the glove. Unfortunately, even upgraded, this glove will get out dpsed by most everything from this point forward.

King Storm Bringer ~ 200 Thanos KC required
Storm bringer drops 'Storm Bringer gear'... and boy does he look badass. T21

Barrelchest ~ 250 King Storm Bringer KC required T22
Barrelchest drops range gear named Aquantium.

Chaos Elemental ~ 250 Barrelchest KC required T23
The HP on these bosses is really starting to rise. Chaos Elemental drops one of the best mage weapon in the game, the Staff of Destruction. This is a real special boss to farm because with a little bit of luck, you can upgrade this staff into an OP AOE weapon!!!! Other Destruction gear for mage is dropped as well.

Devil Beast ~ 250 Chaos Elemental KC required T24
Devil Beast are a huge force to be reckoned with. They attack with their big red noses so you know they strong. These guys have quite a bit of hp and it can start to feel like a drag with lower tier gear. If you have the money to buy a piece or two of this very strong Grandmaster gear, or even a better gear, now is the time to do so. Grandmaster gear includes an off-hand sword for a little bit of extra dps.

Blessed God ~ 300 Devil beast KC required T25
Blessed God drops Blessed Melee gear, which is even better than Grandmaster.

RoseEater ~ 300 Blessed God KC required
RoseEaters are what Geilinor would call strykeworms. They typically hang out in the depths of the planet near its core and are hotter than a Summer Friday on a nude beach. This is the real grind. RedRose is the highest DPS bossing armor from normal bosses.

Collector's Amulet for 3500 boss points ~ autoloots and gives 10 dr/ddr
Sharigan Aura, pulled from unique box ~ autoloots and gives 20 dr/ddr
Destruction Khione's Staff ~ upgraded Staff of Destruction, AOE weapon
Lucky Ring of Wealth